Kevin just received the brand new Everlast Cyclone 200E MIG welder and can’t wait to show it to you. It’s compact and not very heavy, yet it’s dual voltage, has 200 amps and can handle a spool gun!

This welder has a nice LCD screen on it. On the left side, it has 3 gas modes: MIG C25, MIG C100, and it also does fluxcore. On the right side of the screen you find the spool gun button – that lets you do aluminum, which is really handy for such a little machine. It also has PowerSet.

With PowerSet, you just pick your parameters, including wire size. Kevin has 0.23 wire in the welder right now, so it’s giving a range of wire speed, a range of voltages, and you can also pick your metal thickness. Then the welder takes care of all the mundane stuff.

Kevin opens the side of the machine and shows it has room for a 10-pound spool of wire, a metal feed roller, , and an adjustment for your wire tension.

With all that, this machine is also dual voltage, 110 and 220. You can easily pick up this welder and carry it to the work site where you need it.

Kevin is ready to weld. Using PowerSet, he sets up the welder for 0.23 wire in it and mixed gas on the backside. He sets the metal thickness at 14 gauge, which is as high as it will go with the .023 wire. Wire feed is at 400″, voltage is set at 18.4, and he has some cold rolled, 1/8″ steel plate to weld.

Kevin tacks the metal pieces together and runs a bead.

Then he shows the results. “It looks real, real nice, right out of the box using PowerSet!

Kevin wants to mess with the welder some more, though.

He takes the MIG welder off PowerSet. He sets the wire at about 450″ and dials up the voltage up to 20.5.

Kevin starts to run a bead, then discovers he needs to turn up the wire feed. He maxes it out at 480, which is as high it goes. Let’s try it again.

After welding, Kevin shows the weld. It looks really nice except for a couple of little BBs. The wire speed is probably not quite fast enough for that voltage and wire diameter, but you can definitely crank up this welder and get a decent weld with it.

If you’re looking for a beginner MIG or something to just carry around, carry your truck, take to a worksite, this MIG welder is a great choice.

The spool gun doesn’t come with the machine, so as soon as he gets one, Kevin Caron will shoot another free how- to video with it. He might even do a video using fluxcore in this Everlast Cyclone 200E MIG welder.

Kevin appreciates you watching. Before you go, stick around for a moment and confirm that the video is in focus …..

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