PLEASE NOTE: Kevin is not accepting commissions at this time to focus on his own, original work. See and select from available sculpture here or take a look at what he is working on here

Commissions are an opportunity for Kevin to create sculptures that relate to the people, places and purposes they complement, making the process and results a pleasure.

Artist Kevin Caron designing a sculpture - Kevin CaronThe process is simple:

  • Kevin can visit your location or you may send photographs of a preferred location.
  • With an understanding of your goals and budget, Kevin creates one or more appropriate designs.
  • Kevin shares the designs with you personally or on a private area of his Website.
  • Once you have chosen a design, Kevin submits a proposal to you that outlines design details, budget and schedule. Upon agreement, a date-based schedule is finalized.
  • During creation, you may visit the studio or receive updates via Kevin’s Website.
  • When the piece is completed, Kevin takes care of installation or provides detailed instructions and/or a video for you.


How long does it take?
Project schedules depend upon what Kevin is already working on as well as the size and complexity of your piece and availability of materials. Many sculptures, however are completed within two months. The written agreement provides a range of how much time it will take to create your piece. Once that agreement is signed, you receive a date-based schedule for completion.

How does the payment process work?
There are two or three payments, depending upon the size of the project. The first payment is made upon the signing of the agreement, and the final one upon installation. For larger projects, there is sometimes a payment upon completion of fabrication before the finish is applied.

May I see other commissions?
Commissions Kevin has completed include:

BackFlip – an outdoor sculpture (left)

Schubertii – a kinetic garden sculpture

Hands On – a public outdoor sculpture

Inari – a sound sculpture

Dripping Springs – a commercial fountain

Beacon – an architectural detail

RainHarp – a private garden fountain

ClearView – a small outdoor sound sculpture

TwinTones – a large outdoor sound sculpture

Horizontal Shift – an indoor sculpture

Three Suns – an indoor sculpture

Just let us know if you’d like to talk to any of the people for whom Kevin has created a piece.

Your next step?
Contact Kevin by phone at 602-952-8767 or visit the Contact page.