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Lowering the 8-foot-tall Gigante 3D printer - Kevin Caron

Lowering the 8-foot-tall Gigante 3D printer

As an artist who works three dimensions and often designs in CAD (Computer Aided Design), I was immediately fascinated by the opportunities afforded by 3D printing.

This new technology offers much promise for creating not only original art, such as my 5-1/2-foot-tall sculpture Epic Swoon, but also maquettes, or small models, to show patrons for commissions.

This article will tell you more about how I got involved in 3D printing and how it influences my artistic practice.

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3D printing goes outside to play

Finally, 3D printing can go outside to play. Of course, it's been possible to 3D print outdoor sculpture for a while, but we're talking high-end, hundreds of thousands of dollars possible. For mere mortals like me, though, being able to 3D print sculptures that can go...

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3D printing more than sculpture

The more I use 3D printing, the more I use it for. Not everything is art. I've written before here about some of the crazy things I've made, like container tops, game boards, brass dice, candleholder trays, kitchen container tops, a new fan part for my 8-foot-tall...

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How to Create Easily Removable Supports When 3D Printing

During the 8 years I've been playing - I mean working! - with 3D printing, there have been a lot of improvements. If you're a long time subscriber, you might remember my video about removing supports with a hot knife. Well, it's gotten a LOT easier! Check out this...

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Why didn’t I think of this before?

So much of being an artist is seeing things in new ways. I've been told many times - often by academics - that the fact I didn't go to art school contributes greatly to the originality of my work. Another big part of invention and creation is simply doing the work. In...

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