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Lowering the 8-foot-tall Gigante 3D printer - Kevin Caron

Lowering the 8-foot-tall Gigante 3D printer

As an artist who works three dimensions and often designs in CAD (Computer Aided Design), I was immediately fascinated by the opportunities afforded by 3D printing.

This new technology offers much promise for creating not only original art, such as my 5-1/2-foot-tall sculpture Epic Swoon, but also maquettes, or small models, to show patrons for commissions.

This article will tell you more about how I got involved in 3D printing and how it influences my artistic practice.

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Eye-popping results from color change 3D-printing filament

As more and more filaments become available, I have an increasingly dizzying array of options for my sculptures. The latest, though, is the most eye-popping of all so far! When I got an offer to purchase 3 mm filament in 15-pound spools from a Chinese filament maker,...

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Helping with COVID-19 in a small way

COVID-19 has thrown the entire world into a whirlwind of change. I've tried to find ways to make a difference. In the beginning, when Personal Protection Equipment was at a premium, I found 3D-printing patterns for N95 equivalent masks. They took about 2-1/2 hours to...

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Lighting 3D Printed Sculptures Beautifully

If you're a regular reader or follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you know I've been playing around with lighting my 3D-printed sculptures. Whether I can light them has been one of the biggest question I get when I show my 3D-printed sculptures. So  that sent...

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