Adzuki, a 3D printed fine art sculpture by Phoenix artist Kevin Caron.Adzuki (right) and its functional “cousin,” the side table Red Moon Slice, both created in 2016, were the first internally lit 3D-printed sculptures I created.

I’ve lighted many of my translucent sculptures since then, using various approaches (see Wormwood Dark, Ice Queen and SuperSize as some examples, and visit the Luminous category to see more).

All the Way Up (right, below) is my latest adventure in lighting a sculpture.

I 3D-printed the sculpture during the 2023 Camelback Studio Tour in 3 parts: the 2 complementary sections of the sculptural form and the sculpture’s black pedestal.

Contemporary sculpture All the Way Up, in a lighting test - Kevin CaronThe maquette, or model for this sculpture, Yin Yang, has a smooth, composite finish. (Maquettes, by the way, save me a lot of time, trouble and materials by giving me a three-dimensional look at a design before I commit to a large-scale 3D print project.)

I love Yin Yang‘s smooth lines and its subtle crevice, the colors of which mirror the black and white of the exterior. This would look fantastic as a 51″ tall sculpture!

But when I saw the translucent Ryno filament I’d used to create All the Way Up, I was seduced. Its smooth, luminous surface complements the sculpture’s sensuous lines. How could I cover it up?!

For now the sculpture will remain translucent, which may change the plans for lighting. Currently I’m using an LED light, but it isn’t strong enough to go … all the way up. (Seems like a must.) Heat is a concern, too, so I will spend some time sourcing the right light (and hope I get it the first time). I will also probably need to reprint the pedestal to accommodate a different light.

And so it goes down the rabbit hole of what I do. Sure is fun – most of the time.

Watch  this sculpture develop on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok and on All the Way Up’s Webpage, which has revealing photos of it during printing.