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Installing the 8-foot-tall Gigante 3D printer - Kevin Caron

Installing the 8-foot-tall Gigante 3D printer

As an artist who works three dimensions and often designs in CAD (Computer Aided Design), I was immediately fascinated by the opportunities afforded by 3D printing.

This new technology offers much promise for creating not only original art, such as my 5-1/2-foot-tall sculpture Epic Swoon, but also maquettes, or small models, to show patrons for commissions.

This article will tell you more about how I got involved in 3D printing and how it influences my artistic practice.

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Why Do I Need a 3D Printer?

A gentleman asked Kevin recently, "Why in the world would I want [a 3D printer] in my house? What practical applications are there for a man like me?" Kevin uses his primarily to make art. He creates full-size 4 foot tall 3D-printed sculptures. He also uses his 3D...

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The Story Behind … My 3D-Printed Sculpture Mount Glacier

Kevin Caron shows his large format 3D-printed sculpture Mount Glacier. He says it's cool for several reasons. First, printed in blue translucent PLA resin filament, it is so translucent you can almost see right through it - you can see his hand moving behind it. Mount...

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Meet The Cerberus 3D 400 Multi Filament 3D Printer

Kevin show his new 3D printer, a Cerberus 3D 400 series. "It has a few bells and whistles," he says. He gives a quick tour of the 3D printer. All of the electronics and computer are under the print tray. He shows the on / off switch and a connection for a USP to the...

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