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Lowering the 8-foot-tall Gigante 3D printer - Kevin Caron

Lowering the 8-foot-tall Gigante 3D printer

As an artist who works three dimensions and often designs in CAD (Computer Aided Design), I was immediately fascinated by the opportunities afforded by 3D printing.

This new technology offers much promise for creating not only original art, such as my 5-1/2-foot-tall sculpture Epic Swoon, but also maquettes, or small models, to show patrons for commissions.

This article will tell you more about how I got involved in 3D printing and how it influences my artistic practice.

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How others see 3D printing today

There's nothing like interacting with the public to get a snapshot of how 3D printing is perceived. I got a big dose of that perspective at the 2022 Sculpture Tucson Festival March 18 - 20. It was a smashing success, with nearly 50 sculptors, 900 - 1100 visitors and...

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How to Remove ‘Strings’ From 3D Prints

It may be possible to entirely avoid "stringing" when 3D printing by adjusting print speed or temperature, but I always seem to have some.I've tried various ways to remove them - the laser was pretty much a spectacular fail but fun! - but the best I've found so far is...

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Baby gets a new pair of shoes

I use my 8-foot-tall Cerberus 3D Gigante 3D printer a lot. I've probably printed 100 sculptures on it, and that doesn't include failed prints, which would multiply that number several times over. Accordingly, things wear out. (Technology is always improving, too, but...

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