Every now and again, Kevin thinks he’s done with a sculpture. Then sometimes he’ll have to change them ….

One of those sculptures is Big Bang ( https://kevincaron.com/art/big-bang ). Kevin showed how the pedestal sculpture used to look. The sculpture sold, but then got damaged, so it was returned. The damage was so bad Kevin had to literally strip down to bare metal and start over with the finish. Kevin shows the new version of Big Bang with a color-shifting painted finish. He thinks it turned out absolutely spectacular, even better than the first time. The sculpture resold within about a week.

Another sculpture Kevin lived with for a while before changing it dramatically was Diamante. This sculpture is a big, massive, double diamond shape. The 2 diamonds spin independently of one another. The sculpture’s first finish was a bright silver paint. But the sculpture just never got any traction, so Kevin took it back to the studio, stripped off the silver and repainted the sculpture in red. And Diamante became Fuego ( https://kevincaron.com/art/fuego/ ). What a change! Kevin had 2 people fighting over it to buy it.

Kevin changed another sculpture because of its intended site. Mondo ( https://kevincaron.com/art/mondo/ ) is a monster never-ending sculpture. It weighs a couple of hundred pounds, yet is like a big Slinky. It was so much fun to make and such a bugger to move! It just wiggles everywhere. The customer said, “It’s beautiful! I love it, except it won’t work. There’s nothing like that color anywhere around.” Kevin visited the site and saw that they were correct. Mondo got a striking orange finish and now it fits on the site.

Sometimes the color Kevin picks on his workbench or in his heart may not be the best, so he has realized he needs to be open to change.

The next sculpture Kevin shows is Moonshine ( https://kevincaron.com/art/moonshine/ ). The geometric form is a trefoil knot. Some years ago, he created a trefoil-knot sculpture called Knot Me (https://kevincaron.com/art/knot-me/ ) out of square tubing that stood about 36 inches tall and sat flat on the floor. This sculpture had a good “guy” presence to it. Possibly because it was so low, though, nobody paid much attention to it other than someone who put his drink on it. Kevin brought the sculpture back to the studio, picked it up, put it on a triangular base on one corner, and painted it red. Lo and behold, the city of Surprise, Arizona, was now interested in the sculpture. But before they could get their paperwork done, an organization in Washington, DC saw it online, so it lives in an office building in Washington, D.C.

Kevin made a new version of the sculpture for the city of Surprise ( https://kevincaron.com/art/top-knot/ ). Top Knot is a little bigger, a little heavier, a little wider. This sculpture now lives out in front of city hall in Surprise, Arizona. You never know what’s going to happen!

Next Kevin shows his sculpture Charged Particle ( https://kevincaron.com/art/charged-particle/ ), one of his top 5 favorite sculptures. But even Charged Particle is going to undergo some changes soon and go to live outside in New York. Kevin is going put a bearing and shaft in the sculpture’s pedestal so it can spin. Then he will paint the globe in color-changing paint so it’ll change colors as it rotates. Even the title of this sculpture is going to change from Charged Particle to Supercharged Particle.

Change is good. Embrace it. If you look at something and think it’s nice, it could be better. Don’t be afraid. Just jump back in there and change it until finally, it feels good. Kevin is striving for the sculpture to say, “I’m done,” and Kevin Caron says, “Yeah, you’re right, you are done.”

Kevin thanks you for watching. Before you go, you might want to stick around for another moment to watch him catch his line, but not in the way he planned ….

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