“Hey, Kevin, what are you doing?” Kevin remembered all the times the Voice has said that over the years.

He started posting videos in 2006. “It’s been a lot of fun. It really has,” Kevin says.

But after 15 years of creating and posting videos, with more than 600 videos on YouTube and more than 90,000 subscribers – “You guys have just been fantastic!” says Kevin – he is going to stop publishing videos on a set schedule because he has a lot of artwork to create in his studio.

Says Kevin: “I do appreciate you all watching, and I REALLY appreciate the comments. I’ve learned as much from you, I think, as you’ve learned from me just in the comments that you leave in the videos.”

Kevin will leave all the existing videos up, so come watch them, and leave comments on them. He will most definitely answer them.

He’s not going away!

Kevin will post a video every now and again, just to let you know he’s still here, and will maintain an active presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He also has an e-newsletter you can subscribe to.

Kevin does appreciate you watching his videos and looks forward to seeing you on the Internet.

Well, before you go, you might want to see a trip of the tongue ….