One of the lessons Kevin has learned with his art is that good lighting is critical. When he finishes a sculpture in his studio and takes it outside, he often looks at the artwork and says, “Whoa, wait a minute! Something is drastically wrong!” But lighting is important not only when you’re making art, but also when you’re finished making it.

Kevin shows one of his wall sculptures, Fall. It’s on a piece of 1/8″ plate steel. He painted and played with this artwork using a variety of media. There’s some rust in here, some patinas, a little paint. Heck, there’s even a couple of spots where he used magic marker to add color to the wall sculpture.

It looks OK as he is showing it, but then Kevin takes Fall out into the sun. What a difference the lighting makes! You can see a lot more colors and form, more definition and shading. It really, really makes a difference.

Then Kevin shows another great example in the form of a sculpture titled Welcome, which he just completed. In 3 different photos you can see the natural sunlight change the look of the sculpture as the sun sweeps across it from morning to sunset.

It’s just so amazing.

So you can see why you have to have good lighting. That’s something you should always keep in mind, no matter what kind of art you’re buying, whether it’s a sculpture – indoors or outdoors – a painting, a wall hanging, anything. Lighting is just so, so important.

Kevin appreciates you watching and hopes this shines a little light on the things that you need to do before you buy a piece of art or even with the ones that you have in your home.

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