Kevin is looking through the little paper manual that came with the Everlast Power i-MIG 253DPI.

He was having trouble with melting the contact tips and fittings that go in the end of the MIG gun. Both of their ends are melted down to nothing. The reason: Kevin didn’t reading the manual.

The manual he is referring to is not the little one that comes with the welder. Kevin is talking about the manual that is available on the manufacturer’s Website. It has much better and longer descriptions on how to set up his Everlast’s dual pulse machine so things like his problem don’t happen. Kevin says: “My bad.”

This is pretty much true with all equipment. When you get a new machine – a new welder or really any kind of equipment – the little paper book that comes with it is not really going to help you all that much.

Go to the manufacturer’s Website, look up your machine, and see if there isn’t a brand new manual out there that is much, much thicker, more complete and better written than the one that came with the welder or other machine.

That manual helped Kevin be a better welder with this welder because he didn’t really know how to set the settings – he was just guessing.

Now with simple machines – like a basic tombstone welder where you just stick in a rod and go – those are pretty simple, pretty basic. Anybody can figure them out.

But a complex machine like this big dual pulse welder has a whole bunch of settings that just didn’t make any sense to Kevin – until he read the manual.

So download the manual, read it, then play with your machine. Reading the manual makes the equipment a whole lot more fun to play with.

Kevin hopes that will keep you from getting a few more gray hairs like he has.

Kevin is ready to go back to work, but before you go you might want to see Kevin Caron’s tongue get ahead of his words ….

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