Kevin appears to be casting a spell with a stick welding electrode. “Yes, I can melt metal with this,” he says.

He is still playing around with the Everlast Power i-MIG 253DPi. One of the functions Kevin hasn’t used yet is the stick welding function. So he grabbed some 1/4″ steel plate and thought he’d fire up the stick function and run a couple of beads to see how it works.

First Kevin talks about the settings. He’s set his welding amps at 145, arc force is set at 100 out of 200, and the starting amps are bumped up to 165. The welder is set on stick mode, so let’s make some sparks!

Kevin is running some 1/8″ 7018 stick in the welder, so let’s see what he do.

Kevin runs a bead down the butt joint, which takes 1.25 minutes. Then he runs another welding bead on the lap joint he’s set up, which takes 1.5 minutes.

Next he knocks the slag off. Kevin shows that there is almost no spatter around the butt joint, while there is some spatter on the lap joint. He’s impressed that this Everlast Power i-MIG seems to weld just as well with a stick as it does with a MIG.

The setup is so easy, too. You just plug it in, hit one button to switch over to stick mode, get your amperage right, and it takes care of voltage all by itself. Throw your stick in, and go for it!

Kevin is ready to clean up his mess and get to work, so you can reach up and hit that bell so you know when things change here on his channel.

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