Kevin is about to fire up his AHP AlphaTIG 200 to do some aluminum welding and noticed that the collet that holds his tungsten inside the TIG welding torch is looking pretty sad and deformed.

After he did his video about deformed collets, one of his fans asked, “Haven’t you heard about wedge collets?”

Kevin shows a packet of wedge collets from CK Worldwide. Then he shows the split collet with the grooves that go down the sides of the collet. As you tighten the torch back together, the grooves crunch the collet to hold the tungsten in place.

There are no grooves in wedge collets. Instead, the opening is oblong and cut at an angle. When you put the welding torch together and tighten you endcap, it shoves the collet into the bottom of the collet body and traps the tungsten. But without the grooves, there’s nothing to deform.

So these wedge collets last a whole lot longer!

Kevin thanks Terry, who told him about wedge collets, and then is ready to go back to work, but you might want to hang around another moment and see just how tight a fit you can get ….

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