Love and marriage create a collection of emotions, feelings, people and a lot of complex things all going on at once, says sculptor Kevin. “Kind of like this sculpture.”

Kevin shows the 3D-printed sculpture he created on his 8-foot-tall Cerberus 3D Gigante 3D printer titled, yes, Love and Marriage.

He explains that, when he created this design, he was – he admits -drinking, and playing with his CAD program. This shape was born.

The more Kevin looked at it on the screen, the more he thought, “I have to do this on the big 3D printer! I want to see what it looks like.”

That’s when another aspect of this sculpture manifested. When you look closer at the sculpture, you can see it has a lot of little imperfections, or artifacts, in it – much like a marriage. There are always a few little things that happen along the way.

The little “hairs” of filament and the bumps, or warts, kind of mirror a relationship. You have to work out your differences, talk and work together.

That’s what happened with this sculpture. The 3D printer wasn’t talking to him, and he wasn’t talking to it the way he needed to …. What Kevin is referring to is the bumps, which were created when he tried a new function that didn’t work very well. Yet it created an interesting effect, a happy accident.

The “hairs” were created as the printhead went from one “tower” to the other, working one layer at a time, creating strands that are a good graphic and emotional representation of the trials and tribulations of being in love and being married.

So that’s a quick look at Kevin’s sculpture Love and Marriage. It’s a beautiful shape. He loves the look of it and the shadows it creates.

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