When Kevin got the building his art studio is in, it had a lot of florescent lights in it. Since then, he’s been changing bulbs and upgrading the lighting, trying to get more light into the studio.

He has noticed that he’ll be working on a sculpture and everything looks great until he takes it outside in the sun and sees things that weren’t apparent inside.

Kevin shows some of the lights he is using. They’re a little dusty and they’re cold, so the lights are a little dimmer than they are normally.

He also shows that the bulbs are different colors. Even the white bulbs aren’t all the same. If you look on the light boxes, you’ll see a color chart. Some lights are bright white, others soft white, cool white, etc. There are all kinds of different bulbs.

What Kevin wants to upgrade to is high output florescent bulbs. You have to upgrade the fixture, too, though, as the bulbs have special sockets, so you end up changing the whole assembly. As the other fixtures fail, he’ll probably upgrade the whole studio to these higher output fixtures and bulbs.

Kevin wants to show you another type of lighting, too. In his art studio office he has a Solatube, which uses the natural light of the sun to illuminate indoor spaces. It uses no electricity. It’s just a highly polished metal tube with a reflector on the top that gathers the light.

During a bright sunny day, the Solatube in his office lights up the whole room! Of course, it doesn’t help at night.

Another way to add light to an area is to use portable work lights. Kevin either sets the light on his workbench angles the light down so it spreads light across his work area or sometimes he spot ties them to an overhead beam and aims them down.

Kevin hopes that helps you see more clearly. Now he’s ready to go back to work, but you might want to stick around another moment to see Kevin try to be funny ….

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