Kevin moves a piece of 1/2″ plate steel using an engine hoist and a plate lifter onto his CNC plasma table. The plate lifter is what he uses to get plates of steel out of his metal rack vertically.

Usually, he just drops the metal right onto his workbench. But in this case, he needs to position it more carefully on his CNC plasma cutting table. He lowers the metal onto the table, then uses another great tool that helps him move heavy metal when he’s working on his own.

That other tool is a permanent lifting magnet. It makes it easy to move heavy pieces of steel, especially when you’re trying to line it up on something like his CNC table.

Kevin places the magnet on the middle of the steel plate, then hooks his engine hoist to it. Slowly but surely, he’s able to move the plate steel into location and lower it down to the table right where he wants it.

Kevin says if you work alone like he does, tools like the engine hoist, plate lifter and permanent lifting magnet make a big difference in working quickly and safely. The engine hoist for lifting, the plate lifter for lifting vertically, and the permanent lifting magnet for moving horizontally save your back, your arms, saves your fingers, all important things!

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