Kevin is marking a piece of steel with soapstone to cut it for the skin of a sound sculpture.

Instead of just marking the outside of the metal framework, knowing you’ll have to cut somewhere on the inside of the line, he marks on both sides.

It’s really handy when you are cutting an exterior “skin” for a framework.

Kevin shows the double mark. Instead of just guessing how far inside of a line you need to cut, you just cut right down between the two lines, and your cut comes out perfect!

He emphasizes the importance of keeping your soapstone sharp and holding it carefully to make sure it is as close as possible to the metal as you sketch your line.

Then, when you come back with your plasma cutter, go right down the middle of the two lines and your cut will come out perfect.

You’ll hardly have to do any grinding to fit oversized metal or welding to fill gaps where you might have wiggled a little. Marking the metal this way makes your job quicker, easier and means less waste!

Kevin is ready to grab his plasma cutter to cut out the skin, but you might want to stick around for another moment to see a classic tool fail ….

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