Kevin is sanding part of a sculpture he’s been working on. The whole sculpture, including the pedestal, is done, but now comes the finishing.

There’s going to be so much back and forth and getting into the little crevices, Kevin is going to be there forever trying to do it by hand.

He needs a tool!

Kevin takes a 1/4″ piece of solid steel rod and cuts a slot down the center of it with his angle grinder with a cutoff wheel on it. Of course, first he puts on his safety equipment: face mask, safety glasses and ear protection.

You line up the cutoff wheel by eye and just let it slide down the piece of metal rod. Don’t try to hurry – let it cut as it wants to go.

Kevin goes back to the workbench and grabs his air die grinder and secures his new special tool into it. Then he slips some sandpaper into the slot he cut, gives it a little air to tighten it up, then inserts the tool into the sculpture, turns it on, and starts polishing.

That makes the job go a whole lot quicker!

It will also allow Kevin to use finer grit. He was using 120 grit sandpaper this time, but he can get 220, 400, etc. to help polish and smooth it a lot quicker.

When he gets done using sandpaper, Kevin can open the slot in his tool a little with a screwdriver, then slide some ScotchBrite pads in there and keep going finer and finer with them to really help bring out the shine.

So when you’re in your workshop and find you need the right tool for a job, you really don’t have to go buy it. Just make it! You know what you need; you have the materials on hand; you just have to put them together.

It’ll make your life easier, make your piece come out more professional looking, and save you time and money, too.

Well, you might want to stick around for one more moment to see Kevin think about the basics …

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