People have been asking Kevin to show the changes he’s made to his studio, or some of them have asked to see it for the first time.

First he shows his scrapyard, where he keeps his scrap metal and found materials. dome of his inspiration comes from these pieces of metal.

Next to that, but under cover, is where Kevin keeps his new full sheets of metal, his cutoffs and drops from the full sheets. These smaller pieces are still something he can use with another project and aren’t ready to go to the scrap pile.

In that area Kevin also shows an old engine hoist that came with the building when he bought it. He uses the hoist, with his plate lifter, to pick up the heavy sheets of steel.

Then he shows Stinky, the propane-powered forklift that he bought recently. Kevin says he needed to get one of these 8 or 9 years ago. It’s been really handy to have.

Behind his cutoffs and full size sheets of metal is his long stock – pipes, flat bars, etc. – on a rack that’s near a hole in the wall.

Kevin goes inside his studio and shows where the hole in the wall leads …. right into the cutting area where he has his chopsaw, shear and other cutting tools.

He’ll focus on the cutting area next in this series of free videos.

Right now, you might want to stick around to see who else takes advantage of that hole in the wall ….

See this video now ….