Kevin shows a Stronghand Tools mini magnet has a 90-degree angle, a 45-degree angle, a 30 and 60-degree angle. It’s small with a lot of options. A cool feature of the mini magnet is there is another axis on the other side where there is a pair of rare earth magnets and a little adjustable tab.

A welder can use the mini magnet to stick to something and can use the back magnets to put a tab onto something metal, or add any other piece to whatever you’re working on. The magnet works in two different directions, and helps hold your tab on. The mini magnet is a handy little tool to help welders hold metal parts together at the right angle. Kevin agrees having the extra magnet on the side is a fun added feature.

Most people know Stronghand for their clamps, however they have quality pliers for welders as well. Kevin shows a pair of pliers that has an extra little lever instead of a knob on the back to adjust the tension. With the lever you can crank down the plier’s tension to get a really good grip.

The Stronghand pliers also have a quick release feature that Kevin says works really well. He says the oddest feature of the pliers is the multi-tool feature.

Most people at one point of another has used pliers to tap on something to make it adjust, however with these Stronghand pliers, there’s an actual hammerhead on the end of it. By using it, you won’t ruin your pliers like many metalworkers have done.

Kevin then shows another pair of adjustable Stronghand pliers with a really big mouth. These pliers can easily lift a 3inch pipe.

And don’t miss the end, which shares how a profession other than welding can really benefit from the Stronghand big mouth pliers.

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