Like many other creators, artist Kevin usually works – and welds – alone. That made the tools in a care package from Stronghands really interesting. Included were a tab magnet and a Grasshopper, both of which provide an extra hand to help welders.

A tab magnet is used when you you want to attach a tab or other piece of metal to a pipe, square tubing, etc., which is handy for attaching a bolt, small or big pieces. Tab magnets have six magnets with two on a swivel. The entire tab magnet tool can be adjusted by loosening a wing nut.

The tab magnet holds onto the piece of pipe or tubing so you can jig up your pieces, measure them, tack weld them, then move the magnet and weld more.

A Grasshopper is another third hand tool that can hold pieces in place as you’re welding. The Grasshopper has two different adjustments to make it shorter or longer to best fit your welding project. The Grasshopper has a large copper ground strap and a clip to hold items in place as you weld.

Kevin received more Stronghand tools that he’ll cover in a future video – be sure to check back to see it and weekly how-to videos.

Well, you might want to stick around for another moment and find out whether Kevin could actually use a fourth hand ….

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