Kevin helps YouTube buddy Ryan Barker TIG weld for the first time. Kevin explains how the pedal works, including how to control the pedal using the knob on the back of it, something that can save a lot of time and trouble when welding far from the TIG welding unit itself, in this case, Longevity’s TigWeld 250 AC/DC TIG welder.

In this how-to video, Ryan is working with 3/8″ steel. Kevin explains how to know when the metal is ready to be welded: when you see the metal get dull, red, then shiny and when the joint starts flowing together. He explains to hold the torch and filler rod at a consistent height and move forward with a steady forward motion.

Kevin explains how to stop TIG welding, too: let pressure off the pedal and hold the torch in place to let the gas cool off the weld before lifting the torch. You see Ryan’s first and second steel TIG welds.

Kevin and Ryan also talk about welding thin metal and thick metal, steel and aluminum.