“Let’s follow our curiosity…”

Kevin calls upon a broad breadth of knowledge to create his fine art and home and garden sculptures.

Artist Kevin Caron in his metalworking studio.His experiences as a foreign auto mechanic and in the U.S. Navy, where he repaired air support equipment, introduced him to innumerable fabrication tools and metal working and welding techniques. His curiosity and need to create physically what he conceives in his mind has led to his evolution as a contemporary artist.

Additionally, the equipment he has used throughout his life influences the forms of his artwork, often giving them a “post industrial” feel.

HERE YOU’LL FIND lots of how-to videos in which he explains how he uses his welders – TIG, MIG and oxygen-acetylene – as well as a wide variety of tools – including an air hammer, English wheel, slip roll, plasma cutter, hydraulic pipe bender, metal lathe and mill – and techniques such as bending and shaping, and cutting and grinding as well as his pioneering work with 3D printing – to create, transport and install his sculpture and public art.

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After 15 years of making longer videos, Kevin has been making YouTube Shorts about his work and adventures. To see them, visit YouTube Shorts.

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