Sculptor Kevin CaronThe Federal Trade Commission requires that I disclose any relationship between a product manufacturer or service provider when I tell you about a product or service.

More important, I never compromise my own integrity. It’s the most valuable thing I have. You can trust that, if I endorse a product, whether or not I am paid to do so, I truly believe in it.

These are the guidelines under which I operate:

  • I make my videos independently, paying for all of my own video equipment and any work required to create them. All of the work is done by me and my staff.
  • Manufacturers often send me equipment to test at no cost to me. Sometimes they let me keep it, sometimes not. Sometimes I will do a video about it. If I do, I say so in my credit roll (“Equipment supplied by ____”).
  • Some manufacturers also pay me to prepare their equipment for testing – set up of and familiarization with some equipment can take as long as an hour for each machine. I do not guarantee that I will do a video about their equipment. (If I do not like it, most of the time the manufacturer wouldn’t want me to say so publicly anyway!)

If you have ANY questions about my videos and who paid for what, you are always welcome to contact me or my staff directly at or 602-952-8767.

Kevin Caron