Do you know why Kevin sharpens his TIG Welding tungstens the way he does?

That’s just 1 of the topics covered in his “Essentials of TIG Welding” Guide guide available at his Retrieve store. It has his TIG welding guides as well as a bundle of all the guides.

The “Essentials of TIG Welding” has 18 videos that give you all sorts of basic information – things like how to hold your welding torch, how to move your torch, how to grind the tungsten, how to hold the filler rod, how to feed the filler rod as you’re welding and more.

It’s really, really important stuff!

And it’s not just the fact that you can find all this information in these videos. YOU don’t have to find it! The Retrieve search engine finds it for you!

You just type in “sharpening tungsten,” “filler rod,” “cups,” – whatever you’re looking for – and you can search all the videos at once! The search engine will take you right where the information is in any video.

If you have a microphone on your computer, you can even just speak the term you are looking for. And the guides can deliver the answers in English, Spanish and French!

It’s really cool, amazing technology. And it’s only $4.98 for 18 videos in this “Essentials of TIG Welding” Guide.

You really have to have this guide, so come out to Kevin’s Retrieve store.

Well, you might want to hang out for another moment to see Kevin speak to his co-worker ….

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