Kevin really loves when technology comes together, when things actually work the way they’re supposed to.

Especially when it helps you!

Kevin loves YouTube. He’s on it a lot, especially since 2006 when he became a professional artist and started doing videos for YouTube. He has more than 600 videos to watch now!

And that’s where the company Retrieve comes in. They have a search engine – “Oh my God!” Kevin says.

Retrieve’s powerful search engine can search Kevin’s videos for whatever keyword you are looking for INSIDE ALL THE VIDEOS IN EACH GUIDE!

If you want to know about, say, TIG welding filler rod, you just type in “filler rod.” The search engine searches through all of the videos in each guide and shows you each and every place Kevin says, “filler rod”!

So you can see right away if that’s the information you need.

Kevin is starting with 3 guides, each with 10 to 12 videos.

The first 3 guides cover 1 of his most popular topics: TIG welding:
The Essentials of TIG welding
Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting of TIG Welding
Advanced TIG Welding.

And this is all searchable! You can type in or say a word (if your computer has a microphone), the A.I. will find just what you are looking for.

So no guessing which video to watch!

Another cool feature: the guides are available in English, Spanish and French. Says Kevin: “My ancestors would be so proud to hear me speaking French!”

Kevin really appreciates you helping him make videos all these years, clicking on the ads (he gets a couple of pennies to help pay for these videos). These fully searchable guides are another way to help.

Each guide is just $4.98 and you can save by buying all 3 for just $12.50.

Says Kevin: “So what are you waiting for?! You want to learn things, I want to teach you things. This is the way to do it right here!”

Before you head to, to see more about these guides for yourself, enjoy Kevin losing his place ….

See this video now ….