Kevin is checking out some new high quality Italian consumables from George at George’s Plasma Cutter Shop.

Kevin shows an IPT-60 plasma cutter torch – “IPT-60” is what you usually search for when you’re looking for consumables. Next he shows a gouging tip with a removable end. The nozzle is centered inside the cap so the metal is not touching. That allows you to touch metal with the tip without shorting out the torch like a regular cutting tip would.

He has 2 nozzle sizes: 40 amp and 60 amp. Kevin shows the difference in the sizes of the holes in the end of the nozzles, which affects the amperage and air pressure you’ll run.

The other nozzle – a type Kevin has never seen before – is a long reach drag cap. Again, the metal is insulated inside the cap. So when you’re dragging the plasma cutting tip across the metal you’re cutting you’re not shorting out the machine. Of course, with a longer nozzle, you also now have a longer electrode to go inside of it.

Enough talking! Kevin is ready to gouge and cut something! He starts with the gouging tip.

Kevin is running the Everlast PowerPlasma 62i with the IPT-60 torch and the 40 amp electrode.

Kevin turns the amperage down to 40. The air pressure is at 63 PSI, but when he pulls the trigger on the gun the pressure drops to 59. Kevin Caron turns up the air pressure a bit, grabs some safety glasses and gloves, and says, “Let’s make some sparks!”

He shows the results of the gouging, a nice channel in the 1/2″ steel.

Kevin then switches to the long drag tip, remembering to change the gouging electrode to a long electrode for cutting. Otherwise, it’s the same setup: the Everlast PowerPlasma 62i at 40 amps and 60 PSI. He has a piece of 1/8″ cold rolled steel and freehands some squiggles in the metal. Says Kevin: “That was fun!”

So if you have a plasma cutter that is set up for gouging, and you have an IPT-60 torch on it, these Italian tips will work for you for gouging.

If you’re just doing regular handheld plasma cutting, the long drag tip is great.

Kevin appreciates you watching. Before you go, you might want to see him forget the basics ….

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