One of the handy features on the Everlast Lightning MTS 275 is Power Set. It’s great for when you just want to get things dialed in really quickly and get to work. Other machines have similar features – they are well worth learning how to use.

Kevin begins with this multiprocess welder set to TIG weld steel or stainless steel.

The first setting is for tungsten size, which can be set at 1/16 or 3/32. He leaves it at 1/16.

The next setting is high frequency start. There are 4 options: high frequency; high frequency-remote, which is probably for the foot pedal or the finger control; lift-arc; and lift-remote. He leaves it at high frequency.

The next setting is material thickness. Kevin changes it from 22 gauge to 16 gauge. There are several options.

Next is amperage. The welder is set at 55 amps right now because of that 1/16 tungsten, but if you change the tungsten size to 3/32, with material thickness on 16 gauge, you can turn the knob to get a whole range of amperage.

That’s all it takes to get the welder dialed in! You’re set up and ready to go to the bench and start welding.

Kevin shows another setting, this time for TIG aluminum welding. To get started, just click on the Power Set button.

He goes with 1/16 tungsten. For amperage, he has 20 amps all the way up to 40. For material thickness, he chooses 22 gauge. When he moves the material thickness to 1/8 inch, he gets plenty of amperage to play with, more than you’d normally need. With 16 gauge, your amperage can range from 105 all the way down to 85. There lots of options, including the 4 choices for high frequency. Again, you can now just go to the bench and start working.

The Power Set feature makes it a great quick set for when you want to do something quick – boom! It’s quite easy. It just takes 4 decisions on your part. If you have one of these welders or you have this feature on your machine, give it a try. It works great.

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