Kevin is hiding behind what he considers 1 of the handiest things he thinks his ever made in his art studio.

Most people see it and don’t even think about it. It’s an arc shield.

Instead of having a big welding curtain or some kind of wall to protect other people who may wander into his work area, this welding shield protects them and Kevin.

Kevin has a tenant who also works in this area. So rather than him get flashed by arc light in his eyes, Kevin just bent up a metal shield. It works really darn well!

The shield also blocks the wind if Kevin has any doors open. If he has his evaporative cooler running, the shield can also block the breeze from it so he can still weld safely. If he has his big rollup doors open and looks up with his helmet down, the helmet goes dark. The shield stops that. Put up the welding shield, and he has a nice little cocoon to work inside of, and it’s safer for people around him, too.

Kevin says it is obviously a female because … it had a baby!

One day he was doing a little TIG job and figured,, “Well, let me bend up another tiny shield for this tiny job.” Kevin can move either shield around and look around it to see what’s going on, or even have a conversation with somebody.

It’s a quick, easy tool that just sits in the corner, or you can throw it under your workbench. It’s always where you need it – well, most of the time.

If you’re working by yourself and somebody wanders into your shop, you should really have one of these shields to protect them.

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