Kevin is working on an old propane tank for a sound sculpture he is creating. He wants to fill in some imperfections in the top of what will be the bell. He’s gotten out his Everlast Lightning MTS 275 with some flux core gasless wire in it. He’s going to run a few beads along 1 side of the top to fill in some of the imperfections. Then he’ll switch to solid core wire, turn on the welding gas and weld on the other side, just to see how flux core does compared to solid core.

Kevin has put on his safety equipment and set the Everlast Lightning MTS 275 multiprocess welder at 230 on the wire feed and 19 on the voltage. He welds on one side of the top of the bell.

“Some of it looks pretty good,” says Kevin. He was hopping from one little imperfection to another. Some of the areas were a little cold. On a couple of longer runs, the metal warmed up, and the welds were starting to lay in nicely.

Next Kevin switches the machine back to solid core welding wire, turns on the shielding gas. He’s set the wire feed at 302 and 20 on the volts, and welds several of the imperfections.

Kevin shows the area he welded with flux core wire and then the area he welded with solid core. The area welded with solid core is much cleaner.

He doesn’t particularly care for flux core, although it has its purpose: outside in the wind, junk welding, garbage, welding, fixing the fence, fixing the plow. But if you want it to look good, you want to use solid core.

Kevin is ready to get out his grinder and clean up where he welded.

Before you go, though, you might want to guess just how much that huge bell weighs ….

See this video now ….