Some of Kevin’s viewers are pretty darn sharp, really eagle eyed.

They caught Kevin plasma cutting the other day wearing just tinted glasses instead of plasma cutting glasses and wanted to know why.

Kevin shows the plasma cutter torch from the angle viewers see, and then he shows his view while cutting. He explains that the “training wheels” he uses to get straight cuts are blocking some of the bright light while most of it is going down under the metal, but that’s hard to tell from viewers’ angle.

If he wears plasma cutting glasses – he shows the ones he uses, which are a 9 darkness – he won’t be able to see the line on the back of the plasma cutter torch, which guides him while using the training wheels.

But if Kevin puts on dark shaded safety glasses instead, he can see the line.

If he doesn’t have those training wheels on the plasma cutter torch, say, if he’s doing some freehand cutting where he needs to be able to watch the tip and his line, “You better believe the cutting glasses will be on my eyes because the sunglasses are just nowhere near dark enough.”

So kudos to the viewers who caught that. It takes a really good eye to see the difference between these two types of safety glasses.

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