Kevin shows part of a sound sculpture he’s been working on that has a top, bottom and sides. He has it tacked together but needs to weld and grind it.

How does he keep it from warping?

First he clamps it down, tightening the clamps so the work is flat on the workbench.

Then Kevin welds that sucker to the table!

Once it’s welded down, he can remove the clamps so they’re not in the way while he’s welding and grinding.

When all of the welding and grinding is done, Kevin cuts the piece free from the table with a cutoff wheel on his 4-1/2″ grinder. He cleans up where the tacks were and flips over the piece he is welding. Then Kevin welds it back onto the table again and does all of his welding and grinding on the other side.

The work stays perfectly flat, perfectly straight, and won’t warp.

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