Previously Kevin did another free how-to video about how you can screw up your welds by having your MIG welder cable coiled or even by stepping or standing on the cable so the wire gets bound up inside and doesn’t feed right.

Now Kevin has found another problem that can mess up your TIG welds or MIG welds.

He discovered this problem when, at one point, his welds were terrible. Kevin checked everything else, then looked behind the machine and saw that the bottle of welding gas was up against the hose, kinking it. The hose wasn’t like that when Kevin first put the welder on this cart – it was nowhere near the bottle.

He shows the hose that came with his Everlast PowerMTS 221STi and where the hose screws into the back of the machine with a metal fitting.

When he rolls the cart over the expansion joints in the concrete floor the machine was moving back on the cart and kinking the hose so he was only getting about half of the gas flow he would normally.

How did he fix it?

Kevin found a 90-degree metal angle fitting that screws right into the back of the welder. Then the hose screws right into it. The fitting is hard metal that won’t kink, and the hose is running parallel to the bottle.

Now Kevin can move the welder back on the cart rather than have it up front with the feet hanging off.

He shows the bag the fitting comes in with its item number. Kevin found the fitting at He just typed in “90 weld gas” to find it.

So if you’re not getting the gas coverage you should or your welds are crappy, look behind the machine. The problem might be back there, and this is a good way to fix it.

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