Kevin Caron is in his garage where he just had some new cabinets installed.

But the light in the garage, like most such spaces, is behind the workbench. So any time he is working, he is in the shadows.

He thought, “Wait, I know what I can do!” That’s where the little spool he has in his hand comes in.

Kevin Caron used this solution before on his 3D printers. These narrow, sticky backed LED light strips allow you to have bright light wherever you want it.

You just stick them up wherever you want the light, as long as you have a receptacle where you can plug it into a 110 volt source. A little converter converts it to 12 volt DC, and that’s what runs the lights.

Kevin Caron found these lights online. Just search for “sticky back LED light strips.”

Kevin Caron hopes this tip helps shed some light on any problems you may have.

He invites viewers to to see his wild sculpture and more free how to videos.

Well, you might want to stick around for another moment to see him tangle something other than those sticky lights ….

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