A fan asked Kevin Caron about some of the antiques and signs that she sees in the background of his videos.

First, Kevin shows an old drill press that he located in a Sears catalog from about the 1870s or 1880s. He found the old drill press in an antique store in Lebanon, Ohio. He shows the big wheel that would have been hooked to a drive shaft that would have been mounted overhead to run off of a water wheel, steam motor or something similar. The big drive shaft would have gone outside with a big belt on it.

Next he shows some of his old signs. Two are old, authentic Coke signs. He also shows 3 signs that are reproductions, one for Texaco motor oil, another for Kendall Oil and an old car sign.

Then Kevin shows a great little machine he found in an antique store in Arizona. It’s an old miter saw!

Kevin then explains that, when he bought the building his art studio is in it was a functioning automotive garage. Because he has a tenant in the front building, it still is a functioning automotive garage. He shows some of the artifacts he found when he bought the building, which was built in 1947, which is old for Phoenix. The first is a handheld lathe for cleaning up armatures, starter motors, DC generators and the like.

He next shows an old oil can. The next item is really special. Kevin found it in the tool room sitting back in the corner with its face up against the wall, so you couldn’t really see it. It’s a headlight leveling mechanism for the old cars that have pod headlights out on the fenders. It had never been used!

Kevin then shows an old tire balancer. The tire rim would sit on three little arms. It has a bubble level at the top so you could balance the tire.

The next item has a weighted base with a spring on a shaft and a cross arm with two rubber rollers. Kevin couldn’t figure out what it was. Then an older fellow who was at the studio on a tour looked at it and explained that you would put it underneath the steering wheel in a car you had on an alignment rack to stop the steering wheel from turning – it’s a lock for a steering wheel!

Kevin next shows a device and says, “I know what it is. Do you?” Please leave your comments below.

So that’s just one little portion of Kevin’s art studio decor. If you enjoy this video, please let him know, and he’ll do another video about the antiques and old, cool signs and tools he’s picked up in his travels.

He thanks people for watching, and urges them to hit that notification bell to see more free how to videos.

Before you leave you may want to stick around for another moment to see Kevin invent a new language ….

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