Kevin is in his home garage. He just had some new cabinets installed and wanted to check the sliders on one of the drawers to make sure it was level because the drawer wants to open all by itself.

Unfortunately, his level won’t fit – it’s too long.

Then he thought, “I’ll bet there’s an app for that!”

Sure enough, there is.

Kevin shows his Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. He used it to go to the Play Store where he searched for “bubble level.” He shows the app he found.

With the app on, Kevin holds the phone up to the drawer slide, and it dings when it hits level. It shows him that the drawer slide is only off by about 1/16″ or so, which will work just fine.

So that’s something to keep in mind whenever you’re working. Wherever you happen to be, if you have smartphone available – even if it’s somebody else’s – you probably have a level, a compass, or whatever you need right on your smartphone.

Just remember you’ve got the second most important tool in your toolbox right there on your hip. The most important tool, of course, is your brain. Use it!

Kevin is ready to get back to work, but you might want to hang out for another moment as Kevin Caron realizes he has plenty of sticky stock ….

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