Kevin is ready to share a trick he thinks everyone should know about.

Sometimes you have a trailer with a really short tailgate or ramp and want to get something heavy up on it. You don’t want to have to push up a steep angle, especially when you’re working by yourself.

Maybe you have it on a hand truck or something similar, and you’re trying to pull it up that steep angle. The transition from your ramp to the bed of the trailer can be a problem, especially if the wheels on your hand truck or cart aren’t tall enough – whatever you’re movin is probably going to get hung up where the ramp angles down from the trailer bed.

How do you get around that? Well, you could build a bigger ramp.

OR you just come to the front of the trailer and get a little bit of help there.

Kevin shows the jack that you use to jack up the front of the trailer to keep it up in the air so you can back your pickup truck or whatever vehicle you’re towing with underneath to hook up. It’s the same jack you use as a stand when the trailer isn’t in use.

He keeps the trailer attached to his vehicle and then jacks it up, lifting the front of the trailer, which changes the angle of the trailer, reducing the transition opening.

By leaving the trailer hooked up to your truck, you also get more stability.

It’s really quick, really easy, really simple, but it sure makes your life easier!

Kevin uses this technique a lot when he’s working by himself to get things in and out of the trailer.

He hopes this will ease your way into getting things loaded and unloaded and appreciates his viewers – like you! – being on the other end of the Internet.

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