Kevin had a request the other day on YouTube from a gentleman interested in buying an AHP AlphaCUT 60 plasma cutter. He asked, “Could you show it cutting through rusty old steel or painted steel? How does it work on that kind of metal?”

Kevin is going to sacrifice a piece of an I-beam that’s 1/4″ on the edges, and 1/2″ in the middle. You can see it’s pretty rusty.

For the paint test, he has the bottom of an oxygen bottle. It has that nasty old epoxy paint they put on to help preserve the bottles.

He has the AlphaCut 60 running on 220 amps and 70 PSI on air pressure. Let’s make sparks!

Kevin puts on his welding safety equipment, including glasses, jacket and gloves, and cuts the 1/4″ and 1/2″ parts of the I-beam and the 1/4″ painted oxygen bottle.

He shows the 1/4″ and 1/2″ cuts on the I-beam – no problems whatsoever. On the compressed gas bottle, you can see it’s a little jagged but that’s from cutting it freehand. No problem going through that epoxy paint, though!

So hopefully that answers any questions on the capabilities of this HP Alpha cut 60. You got to admit it does a pretty darn good job.

Kevin is ready to clean up and get back to work, but you might want to wait around for a moment and see Kevin lose his place ….

See this video now ….