Kevin is standing next to the brand new AHP AlphaMIG 250. “This is from those mad scientists over at AHP,” he says. AHP used to have a big standalone Alpha MIG 250, which this welder replaces. They’ve gotten rid of the wheels and the little carriage assembly on the back that held the gas bottle.

AHP has also made the welder a little bit taller, a little bit wider and a little bit deeper than the other machine because this is now a four-way welder instead of just MIG and stick (arc) like the old AlphaMIG 250. This new welder is a TIG, a MiG, a stick welder. And it also can handle a spool gun because it is a DC only machine. So you have DC only in your TIG, but with a spool gun you can still weld aluminum.

On the control panel you have the basic functions on the upper left. It switches from MIG to MIG with pulse, TIG and TIG with pulse, then stick. It has a 4T – 2T selector, and on the other side of the machine there’s a selector for spool gun or MIG. Across the bottom of the panel are control knobs for inductance, voltage, and wire speed or arc current. At the top is another yellow knob and a menu button that controls TIG functions: preflow, postflow, etc.

One of the great additions AHP has made to this machine is just inside the cover where wire spool is. There are now a couple of stickers with different parameters on them, including one that explains what the menu button on the front of the machine controls. That way, if you are trying to use the menu button and twisting your knob, the guide can tell you what is that.

This welder will take a full size, 30 pound spool, and it has nice dual driver, steel rollers. It even has a little quick feed button to help push your welding wire through when you’re changing your spool.

On the back of the machine they’ve made a couple of nice changes. The welder now has separate lines for the argon gas for TIG and the mix gas for MIG. The on / off switch is buried on the back, and then there is the power cable with a label that reveals that this machine is AC 120 / 240 volts and 50 hertz or 60 hertz.

So this welder is a dual voltage machine – 110 or 220. It’s a 250 amp machine. It’s a MIG, a TIG and a stick welder as well as a spool gun machine. The kicker here: it costs $1100!

It is only being sold on the AHP Website at , though.

Kevin is ready to put his gear on and play more with this welder so he can do some more how to videos for you guys. Meanwhile, he asks viewers to hit that “like” button.

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