Kevin Caron is still getting used to this ESAB Cutmaster 60i 60 amp plasma cutter.

First he tests the ESAB Cutmaster 60i’s speed – how fast can it cut well? He’s going to see how fast he can cut a piece of 5/8″ steel plate clamped to his bench with a magnetic straight edge on it with this machine.

After putting on his safety equipment, Kevin Caron cuts against the straight edge using 60 amps. The entire cut through 5/8″ plate takes 19 seconds. Kevin Caron makes a second cut at 50 amps that takes 24.5 seconds. Both cuts are clean and straight. Kevin Caron is impressed.

Any plasma cutter can make a cut, but how about piercing metal? You might pierce metal to create a hole to put a bolt through, for instance. Kevin Caron pierces the metal, cutting a hole that looks pretty darn good even with it being cut handheld.

Next Kevin Caron tries a long arc. How long of an arc can he hold and still cut? The plasma cutter is set at 60 amps. Kevin Caron cuts from the hole to the end of the metal. As he does, he increases the length of the arc noticeably.

“That worked out pretty well,” says Kevin Caron. A ruler shows the highest he got was about 3/4″ above the metal, and he still got a decent cut!

It’s not a perfect, beautiful, smooth cut like the first two when he was just almost right down touching the metal like you’re supposed to. But if you were in a tight spot, it could really help to know that you can still cut metal with the arc that long.

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