If you don’t have a third hand tool or have some way to jig up your work when TIG welding aluminum, how do you hold a piece in place so you can tack it? Obviously, you can’t use magnets.

Kevin has found if you put big dabs of filler on the edge of the larger piece where you want to weld the smaller piece, you can lean the smaller piece up against the dabs so you can tack it.

You want to place your dabs inside the edge of the joint where you want the smaller piece to sit.

Then come in with your TIG welding torch and tack the piece of aluminum in place.

Kevin puts on his welding safety equipment and welds the large dabs onto the larger piece of aluminum. Then he rests the smaller piece on the dabs and tacks it into place.

Kevin is going to keep playing at his studio workbench and recommends you play in your shop, too, and just have fun.

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