Kevin shows the plasma cutter torch from his AHP AlphaCUT 60. He was using the plasma cutter and kept pulling the trigger, but it didn’t want to light. The tip inside was worn out, so it was time to change it. He unscrewed the cap and went to unscrew the tip, and it snapped off inside the torch. So he had to fix it.

Kevin first removed the screws holding the torch together. Inside the torch body is the end of gun where the tip screws in, and where the high-pressure air comes out to swirl around and helps make the arc.

He shows the electrical line that brings the power in, and the air line. There’s also another wire that goes into a white sleeve.

Next Kevin uses a screwdriver to gently pry the parts out of the torch body. He uses an allen wrench to take apart the electric line, then removes a spot tie and some shrink wrap that is protecting one of the connectors so he can put in the new wiring and gun. He uses a razor knife to slit the shrink wrap and peels away the wrap.

Then Kevin opens the airline and puts the clamp on the new air line, then reassembles it. He’s sure there is a special tool to put the clamp back on, but he doesn’t have it, so he just uses a pair of wire cutters to squeeze the clamps back on. “Don’t get too crazy with it,” he cautions.

Now he starts putting the torch head back together. He doesn’t have any shrink tape that will fit, so he uses some electrical tape. Then Kevin reattaches the electrical connection using the allen wrench and gathers the right wires with a new spot tie.

Kevin doublechecks to make sure that everything is hooked up and inside the torch head body. He gets the electrical and safety lines out of the way, makes sure the trigger safety is in place, and puts the two parts of the torch back together, then screws everything back together. You’re just dealing with plastic housing, so you don’t need to crank down too hard.

He screws in a new tip, tightens slightly it with a wrench, puts the swirl ring and nozzle back on, and Kevin is ready to test the plasma cutter. He puts on his safety equipment and cuts a piece of 1/8″ steel – it works perfectly!

Kevin hopes that will reduce panic if you have a problem with your plasma cutter torch. You don’t have to get a new gun; just fix your old one. If you need parts or have questions, he recommends contacting George at George’s Plasma Cutter Shop. He’ll point you in the right direction.

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