Kevin is looking at the new Everlast PowerMTS 221STi multiprocess welder, the first of its kind on the market. What makes this machine – which has a MIG welder, a TIG welder and a stick (arc) welder in it, and also has a spool gun attachment – different is that it has AC power.

His previous Everlast welder had DC, and it also had a spool gun capabilities so you could weld aluminum. But with this machine, not only can you use a spool gun, it also has AC for welding aluminum with TIG.

Kevin gives a tour of the control panel. The stick welding, or arc welding functions are in the upper lefthand corner of the panel. Under them are the torch and pedal controls. The next section lets you control your TIG start, high frequency or lift.

Across the bottom of the control panel are the mode controls for MIG, TIG, spool gun, etc. Kevin likes the back and forth buttons – on his older model, you had to cycle all the way through to change modes.

In the middle bottom is the bright red selector knob for adjusting as you run through the functions in the middle of the panel (pulse, preflow, AC balance, etc.). Also in this middle area is the AC wave form button, which lets you select advanced square or triangular wave form.

In the upper righthand corner are 9 customizable memory settings. In the upper middle of the screen is the amps / volts, wirefeed, etc. display.

The connectors hook up at the bottom. The MIG gun hooks up on the left. The TIG gas line with a quick disconnect is next to it. Above it is the positive ground connection for steel TIG welding. Slightly below it is your connector for the control for your foot pedal or finger switch. Above it slightly to the left is the negative ground for MIG welding, and the other connector for when TIG welding aluminum. The TIG torch is in the far right – you don’t have to switch it back and forth. You just have to move your ground back and forth depending upon whether you’re welding in AC or DC.

The side of the machine has a smaller door instead of the whole side pulling down. It lets you mount a 10-pound spool of MIG wire. It has a single drive wheel to feed the MIG welding wire, and up inside of the welder is the connector plate you switch from positive to negative so you can run flux core on the machine.

On the back of the machine is a circuit breaker style on / off switch. Everlast also added 110 volt outlet that enables you to plug in a tungsten grinder, water cooler, etc.

Kevin is ready to make some sparks! He puts on his safety gear and welds some 5051 16 gauge aluminum, using the advanced square wave, at 82 amps, about 35% on the AC balance, and about 90 hz frequency.

Kevin has a lot more functions to test on this welder – and then he can switch it from 220 to 110, because this is a dual voltage machine, too!

The price is currently $2689 for a 4-function machine WITH AC.

Kevin is going to play with it some more, so you have time to subscribe to and “like” his channel, but you might want to wait one more moment to see the power of silence ….

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