A magnetic drill has a big electromagnet in its base. A magnetic drill allows you to drill holes in the middle of a piece of steel plate or something vertical like an I-beam or boat hull. The magnet lets you lock the drill right in place, wherever you are drilling.

It helps you keep the drill in place, too, unlike trying to drill with a handheld drill, whether it’s a little cordless one or one of those monsters with two handles that always tries to rip your arm off.

This magnetic drill has a switch for the magnet and separate on / off switches. Kevin likes the switches’ two chrome guards, which protect against accidentally releasing the magnet – you sure don’t want 40 pounds of equipment landing on you!

This model also has an automatic cutting fluid feed bottle that has an on / off lever on it. It hooks right into the shaft on the drill.

Kevin is using the EVOMAG with annular cutters, so it has a big chrome shaft with a support instead of a chuck that you use with regular twist drill bits, which this model also can use.

Kevin turns on the magnet, which reaches right through the half-inch plate into his 1″ thick steel plate workbench. This drill has a little more than 7,000 pounds of gripping force. It will drill through 3″ of metal, and it has two speeds, high and low.

He has it in low as he turns on the drill and goes right through 1/2″ steel plate in 1 minute. The hole is straight, clean and smooth, all the way through.

The EVOMAG 75 is a little more than $1,500 online. There’s also a slightly smaller EVOMAG 50 model that’s about $1,200.

This EVOMAG 75 a stout machine with a big magnet and a big motor. Kevin is looking forward to putting it through its paces.

He’s ready to go back to work, but you might want to stick around for one more moment to see him do some weight lifting …..

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