Kevin gets questions about import welders and their quality. Are they built OK? Are they put together correctly? Is it just a bunch of parts thrown in a box?

Kevin talked to the owner of the company, who said, “Sure, open it up! Show people what it looks like inside.” Kevin slips off the cover.

First he points out the power cable where the 220 line goes inside the machine. You notice right away that all the cables are spot tied together. The power line runs up and connects to the circuit breaker style on / off switch.

The top of the switch has power lines coming out. Kevin Caron points out how all the connections are glued together so they won’t loosen up because of vibration.

One nice feature on this welder is the 220 line that takes power off the incoming line and provides the outgoing power that goes to the water cooler for the TIG torch. The water cooler keeps the torch cool so you can weld longer with it.

Next Kevin shows the high frequency points that helps light off the machine so it can weld. He shows the air gap so you can find it to adjust and clean it. He then shows where those high frequency points are in relation to the front of the welder’s control panel.

One of the cool things about this machine is that it is analog digital. That means it has knobs on the control panel, but the inside is digital. Kevin shows the control board that is hooked to the front of the machine where the knobs are.

The only analog thing on this machine are the knobs on the front. So when you turn the knobs, the rheostats move against the wipers inside to activate the digital controls.

There are almost no moving parts in this welder. That means there is almost nothing to wear out!

Kevin has been inside a couple of these machines, including Everlast, AHP and even his old Miller welders. Everything appears to be very solid and well put together. There’s nice heavy metal, big heat syncs, and all the connections are glued and spot-tied together. They are good, solid machines.

Kevin thanks Everlast for letting him take off the cover and show what goes on inside.

He’s ready to go back to work, but you might want to keep watching for another moment to see Kevin Caron insult his mother ….

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