Kevin has just tested his fountain WaterHarp and has rust all over his workbench. What can you do about it?

The first thing Kevin does is raise his “magic lift table” so he doesn’t have to work on his knees! Next he puts on his safety gear and uses his 7″ Milwaukee grinder with a 40 grit flap disc to grind off all the rust.

Then Kevin grabs some WD-40 and some paper towels and wipes down his workbench, leaving a light film of WD-40 on the metal. Wiping it down also allows him to get down into some of the divots in the metal to get the rust that’s settled in them. He doesn’t want a puddle of WD-40, though, because it collects dust, and in his art studio, he MAKES dust!

It’s really that simple to take care of your workbench. People who work outside, especially where there is rain and snow, have to be a little more aggressive and dedicated, but your metal workbench will last a good long time if you take care of it.

Kevin is ready to get back to work, so you have time to stick around for another moment and see Kevin fire up his grinder the right way ….

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