For a large bell sculpture Kevin is welding, he is experimenting with 5051 aluminum, fixing areas created when he welded the two pieces together to form the stand structure.

To get a nice sharp edge, Kevin knew he had to fill the voids in the metal.

He shows how he grinds with the grinding pad spinning toward the edge of the metal: up on the vertical surface and out from the horizontal surface.

Then it’s time to fill some small voids that remain. He can either use a spool gun or an AC TIG welder. The spool gun is close and quick – he already had it set up on his Everlast PowerMTS 251si, so that was easier than setting up another welder.

Kevin sets the machine to 464 wirefeed and 16.5 volts, then saves it in memory. Then he “gooses” the spool gun to hear the gas coming out before starting – that way you know you have gas all the way to the gun before you start your weld.

With a quick fill and a grind at a 45 degree angle, the aluminum edge is sharp.

When grinding aluminum there is a lot of dust, so always be safe and wear a facemask to protect your lungs. Of course, you will want your other safety equipment, too: safety glasses, gloves, etc.

Kevin is ready to go back to work, but before you go, though, check out Kevin’s tips for personal grooming ….

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