A viewer, Chris, was cutting metal with his plasma cutter and the hot metal he cut off fell on his welder ground cable, cutting it in two.

Chris tried to fix it by baring the wire on both ends and soldering it back together. But then the welding ground cable started to get hot, so maybe he didn’t get as good a connection as before. Fortunately, ground cables are really easy to replace.

Kevin shows how easy it is to capture the end of the DINSE connector in a vise – but not on its tab! – and pull away the protective sleeve to expose the end of the connector.

Then use the right size Allen wrench to loosen the set screw and pull the wire loose.

On the clamp end, loosen the nut and remove the clamp itself.

Now take the cable down to an electrical supply or big box store and get the right size wire. You can even get a longer wire, while you’re at it, to make life easier for you.

While you’re there, get an electrical crimp-on connector to go on the end of the wire.

At the same time, you might want to get a heavier duty clamp. Kevin shows one that will handle the heat from the welder better. It also has a connector that holds the wire better and will last a lot longer. He shows one he got at Harbor Freight.

Now you have new wire, just put everything back together, and you’re ready to go back to work.

Well, stick around for another moment to see Kevin use his brute strength … or not ….

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