Kevin is sitting at his workbench, with an egg in a dish beside him, reading something on his phone. It’s an email from Ben, a viewer who shared what happened when he TIG welded without gloves on. He got a serious radiation burn.

Kevin wants to demonstrate what can happen when you don’t wear safety gear. He has a couple of pieces of 1″ square stock butted together. He’s going to run a 125 amp TIG weld. About four fingers away, he has an egg in a Pyrex dish.

He got the idea because, every summer in Arizona, somebody shows how hot it is by frying an egg on a sidewalk. So maybe Kevin can fry an egg with a welder to show what happens when you weld without gloves or sleeves!

He’s using the Everlast PowerTIG 255EXT set at 125 amps with an 1/8″ tungsten. He tacks together the two pieces of metal on each end, then runs a bead right down the middle.

As in live TV sometimes, that didn’t work. He got a nice bead and could feel the heat in his fingers, but it doesn’t look like the egg was affected at all.

So let’s turn up the heat and get a little closer!

“Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time,” Kevin says. He blew some holes in the metal, getting it way too hot, and there was a little film where the egg cooked on its edge. “I thought it would cook it!” admits Kevin.

Regardless, he shows the photo of Ben’s arm again and encourages everyone to wear their safety equipment!

First, though, you might want stick around for another moment and see him working ….

See this video now ….