After a request from a viewer, Kevin is looking at a small suitcase that Everlast sent him.

He opens the suitcase to discover Everlast’s PowerARC 140ST. “I’ve had lunchboxes bigger than this,” exclaims Kevin. He explains that this is primarily a stick (or arc) welder Also in the box is a TIG torch – this is primarily a stick welder, but it also does scratch start TIG. There’s also a nice ground clamp, a stinger, a brush, and a power adapter, because this welder can run on 110 or 220 volts.

Lastly, there’s a handheld safety faceshield. As Kevin points out, it could be used when you’re stick welding, but wouldn’t be much use when TIG welding.

Next, Kevin sets up the machine. He plugs the stinger, which holds the electrode for arc welding, into the positive connector. Then he plugs the ground clamp into the negative connector. Just plug in the welder, and you’re ready to work.

Kevin puts on some safety gear and plugs the 140ST into a 110 outlet, then takes a moment to show the display panel. It has a stick / TIG switch, an amperage knob that goes from 10 amps up to 140, and an LCD display to display amperage settings. The power switch is on the back of the machine.

He fires up the welder, which goes through its start up. He has the welder set at 42 amps, because he’s going to use some 6011 3/32nd welding rod.

Kevin then runs a bead. “That’s kinda cool!” he says. He was running the welder on 110 at about 44 amps – he turned it up a bit, then blew a couple of holes, then turned it back down a little.

This welder is great for taking out in the field to fix the fence, plow, whatever.

He didn’t run the TIG because he needs an adapter to do so – the torch hooks up right to the welding gas bottle through the flowmeter.

If you’re wondering why this is a called a “stick / TIG” welder rather than a “TIG / stick” machine, it’s because it’s primarily a stick welder that does a little TIG. The scratch start TIG has a little control knob on the torch for the gas, but this is not a heavy duty TIG welder.

The price? Just $275.

At the end, don’t miss Kevin making an uncharacteristic mess ….