Kevin says AHP has made some nice changes on the new version of its AlphaTig 200X, making it easier to use. The control panel is pretty similar to the original version – until you look really closely. On the new model, the pulse time and pulse amps are percentage based. So, instead of a variable value, like 1 to 10, the setting is a percentage of welding time.

AHP has also changed the display so that it only shows the main amps. Starting and ending amps are no longer displayed – you just set them with the dial.

The foot pedal has also been updated. AHP is still using the metal foot pedal that pivots toward you instead of away from you, but they’ve removed the amperage setting knob on the foot pedal itself. Now you set everything at the machine. For example, if you set your maximum amps at 100, the pedal will now go from 0 to 100. With this improvement, Kevin says he won’t bump the controls with his foot anymore, so that’s a big improvement.

On the back of the machine, AHP put the power cable on one side of the bottle and the inlet gas line on the other, helping center the welder on the bottle.

As for performance, Kevin says it’s still a solid 200 amp machine with the same capabilities – for instance, the pulse frequency still goes from .5 to 5 herz and the pulse time and pulse amps controls are still available. This TIG welder still has all the same functions as the first version, but Kevin says it’s easier to run than the original machine.

The price, however, is going up. Kevin says he’s heard it’ll be $200 – $300 more than the last year’s model and ship “any day now.” He encourages viewers to call AHP (925-271-2021) about price and availability.

“It’s a nice machine,” says Kevin . They improved the software, and they made it easier to set your settings. It’s a great TIG to get started with, with a stick (arc) welder built in for heavier metals. It also can be powered with 110 and 220 volts.