Kevin fires up Longevity’s new multiprocess – TIG, MIG, stick – welder and shares some tips and tricks for using it ….

There are three machines – TIG, MIG and arc welders – included in one unit, so there are a few cables to wrestle with. Kevin shows how to hook up the cables for TIG. He discovered that when you change the ground to hook up the MIG, make sure you plug the TIG connection back into the positive terminal. He also learned that when you’re adjusting the TIG amperage, turn the control on the torch all the way to 10 before you adjust the front panel dial. Otherwise the display won’t show as it should. Kevin also explains why he likes this multiprocess machine, much to his surprise …. On the sculpture he’s working on, The Runner, which is made of 1/2″ plate steel at the base, then 1/4″ steel, he is able to switch from process to process as needed. The multiprocess machine lets him use the stick (arc) welder for the structural welding, then he makes a couple of changes, turns on the gas and gets out the MIG or the TIG to do the artistic welding on the outside all out of one box – he doesn’t have to change machines or move them around. He’s getting used to it and really enjoying it. Learn more about the ProMTS at the Longevity site.